Help children and

babies be in families

and give hope

Help us create a society where all orphaned, vulnerable, and abandoned babies get a chance to grow up in loving, healthy families 

why support us?

For 55 years, we've helped 7,000+ babies & young children be able to grow and thrive

Our Vision

To help orphans and vulnerable children attain future self-reliance by helping them be in loving families and be a model for best practices in protecting orphans and vulnerable children.

Our Mission

To safeguard the lives of children and restore their dignity, especially the orphans, vulnerable, and isolated children regardless of creed, culture, and tribe.

What we do

Children should be families and kinship care, not orphanages. That's why we're committed to tracing, reuniting, and strengthening families.

about us

How we care for children

Holy Innocent Ibanda Babies Home is a faith-based organization that supports orphans, vulnerable, and abandoned babies between one day old to three years old to be in families because every child deserves to be loved, safe, and have dignity.

Our work is approved by the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development. Today we're supporting 10 reunited families in family-based care while caring for 30 babies (between one day and three years old) within our home. Our goal is to help get the babies within our care and others into safe and loving families. 

Ibanda Babies Home was started in 1967 to reduce the death rate of babies between one day old and three years old who were newly orphaned, abandoned, or in poor health due to poverty, violence in the home, and other factors.

Throughout our 55 years of operation, we've provided more than 7,000 babies and young children with care, protection, immunization, medication, clean water/sanitation, legal support, tracing their families, and resettlement into kinship care or facilitation of foster parents and adoption into safe and loving families.


Changing the way we care  

Children should be families and kinship care, not orphanages. Children have the best chance to thrive when they grow up in a family. 

That's why we're committed to strengthening families, and we shifting towards a family-based care model.


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